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General Automotive Tools at Tend Industrial Supplies

Welcome to the General Automotive Tools category at Tend Industrial Supplies, your one-stop shop for all mechanic and body shop tool needs. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or complex repairs, our extensive selection of automotive tools ensures you have the right equipment for every job.

Explore Our Comprehensive Tool Selection

Our range includes everything a professional mechanic or automotive enthusiast might need:

  • Hand Tools: Choose from a wide variety of wrenches, from ratcheting to combination and crows wrenches; screwdrivers of all types, including flathead, Phillips, and Torx; and pliers, from needle-nose to lineman and channel lock pliers.
  • Power Tools: We stock high-performance power tools essential for efficient automotive work, including pneumatic drills and electric ratchets.
  • Diagnostic Tools: For modern automotive care, choose from our advanced diagnostic tools, such as scan tools, code readers, and multimeters, which provide precise measurements and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Repair Equipment: For oil changes, brake repairs, engine repairs, and body repairs, find specialized tools like oil filter wrenches, brake caliper tools, and body repair kits.
  • Battery Management: Our range of batteries, battery chargers, and jump starters, suitable for various vehicle models and sizes, ensures you're prepared for any situation.

Featured Brands and Quality

At Tend Industrial Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering tools from the best brands in the industry, ensuring quality, durability, and reliability. Our selection includes well-known brands that professionals trust, crafted to meet the highest performance standards.

Why Choose Our Tools?

  • Versatility: Our tools are ideal for a wide range of automotive tasks from basic repairs to complex maintenance projects.
  • Durability: Built to last, our tools withstand the toughest conditions typical of busy garages and workshops.
  • Ergonomics: Designed with user comfort in mind, our tools reduce fatigue and increase efficiency in the workshop.

Enhance Your Workshop with the Right Tools

Choosing the right tools is crucial for effective automotive work. Consider the specific tasks you handle regularly and select tools that enhance your efficiency and precision. Whether you are outfitting a professional shop or enhancing your home garage, our general automotive tools offer both quality and competitive pricing.

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Explore Tend Industrial Supplies' full range of automotive tools tailored for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. For more personalized recommendations or inquiries on specific tool sets, feel free to contact our expert team at Equip your workshop with the best tools in the market and elevate your service capabilities today!


  1. What is the best mechanic tool set for beginners?
    • Our beginner sets provide all the essentials you need to start, focusing on versatility and ease of use.
  2. How often should I replace my automotive tools?
    • This depends on usage and maintenance, but investing in high-quality tools significantly extends their lifespan.
  3. Can I use these tools for vehicle body repairs?
    • Yes, we offer specialized tools designed specifically for body repairs, including panel replacement and dent removal.
  4. What safety features should I look for in power tools?
    • Safety features such as non-slip handles, safety switches, and automatic shut-offs are crucial for preventing accidents.
  5. Why is it essential to use the right size and type of tool for automotive repairs?
    • Using the correct tools prevents damage to parts and ensures efficient and safe repairs

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