Garage Shelves

Garage Shelves

Garage Shelves

Our range of garage shelves includes Wall shelving, shelving units, wall mounted shelves and mobile shelves with Casters. Garage shelving takes advantage of unused vertical space and helps get your stored items off the floor to avoid contaminations. One advantage of vertical storage is that it saves a lot of space, increase your overall garage storage capacity and increase your work space to do other meaningful things such as increase in productivity if your garage is for services.

We have Wall Shelves: Our wall-mounted, heavy-duty wire shelving designed specially garage. Some of our  wall-mounted shelves are designed to hold up to 100 pounds per linear foot of shelf. Some are plastic coating that protects the shelving from harsh garage environment and prevents rust and corrosion. The open wire construction of the shelves allows air to circulate around  stored items and helps decrease mold and mildew in moist climates. We also have other options such as heavy, metal shelving brackets that can attach to walls to support dimensional lumber, medium-density fiber board (MDF) or plywood shelves.

Shelving Units: We have freestanding shelves and they are available in wood, wire and resin. These units give you the flexibility of having your shelves away from walls or other support structures in the garage. A strategically placed set of freestanding shelving units can create a designated space for laundry or shop activities.

Note that wall-Mounted might ultimately save you the most space, but you won’t be able to move that shelving again without more installation and some of these changes are costly, so please consider what you really want and its associated costs. If you know what you want your garage storage system to look like, wall-mounted installation might be for you. If you’re still unsure and want to be able to change your mind, skip the wall-mounted installation for now.

Also Casters are lockable wheels come on the bottom of several shelving systems. They make moving cabinets and lockers easy, as long as none of your stored items are easily movable. and the permanent Feet come in handy when you don’t need to move cabinets and lockers as often. Some shelving systems have adjustable feet that’ll allow you to compensate for an uneven floor.

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