hydraulic tools and components

hydraulic tools and components

We have hydraulic tools and component parts as part of our stock keeping units and we deliver products worldwide.

What are Hydraulic tools? 

Hydraulic tools are tools that perform a variety of industrial applications. Hydraulic impact hammers drive fasteners for tasks such as building fences and temporary barriers. Hydraulic impact wrenches turn bolts on nuts. Hydraulic cutters slice through cable, pipe, or rebar.

Hydraulic tools are a generic term that includes low to high-pressure tooling and equipment. Tools include but are not limited to jacks, cylinders, crimpers, spreaders, cutters, splitters, breakers, drivers, torque wrenches, punches, drills, saws, and more. Hydraulic systems is able to power so many different industries, able to handle a high torque level and rapid changes in speed and acceleration. Also, these systems can be built for mobile applications and as lightweight equipments, which will give you the ability to use it for a many applications.

Hydraulic power tools are powered by pressurized liquid fluid and include everything from hydraulic torque tools to hydraulic breakers (to name a couple). Examples of other hydraulic equipment are hydraulic pullers for bearings and heavy equipment and shop presses capable of lifting up to 100 tons.

Physics of Hydraulic tools 

Hydraulic machines use liquid fluid power to perform work. Heavy construction vehicles are a typical example. This machine pumps hydraulic fluid to various hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders throughout the device and becomes pressurized according to the resistance present.

Hydraulic systems are invaluable across countless industries. The science behind hydraulics is that you apply force at a specific point, such as point A, and the pressure is transmitted as energy to another point B through a fluid. Still, this force transmission is usually higher than the applied force. The hydraulic fluid is incompressible and is typically a type of oil or an equitable synthetic. Whether it’s construction companies utilizing hydraulics in their heavy machinery, or hairdressers pumping your chair up so that it is level with the mirror, hydraulics are being used all around you! Underwater operational tools are better with hydraulic powered tools such as torque wrench, underwater cutters, angle grinders, etc.

Tend Industrial supplies have partnered with various hydraulic tools and components manufacturers to distribute their products globally. 

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