Air impact wrenches

Air impact wrenches

Air impact wrenches

Tend Industrial Supplies is the foremost supplier of impact wrench in the United States and globally, Tend Industrial offers a range of Enegyz and Shinano Impact Wrenches. Our user friendly platform makes it easy to search for your desired product without any hassles, as you do not have to scroll through hundreds of products rather sort you can search based on specific requirements.

Impact wrench are used to lose or tighten lug nuts. Most impact wrenches are used for loosening and torquing lug nuts on the wheels of a car or truck.

Air Requirements for air impact wrench 

90 PSI is the minimum required for most air impact wrench compressors to work correctly. You need an air compressor that has a higher shut-off pressure. Pressure loss in the line is one of the things that should be considered when shutting off a compressor at 100 PSI.We are confident that air impact wrench delivers more power than the electric driven (AC and DC) Impact wrenches Air and electric tools weigh about the same, but the air impact still delivers more power due to the limitation of compact batteries."

Available sizes

We have an assortment of sizes of pneumatic air impact wrench from the popular 1/2 inch to other sizes such as 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch to 1inch are all readily available in our stock.

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