Grabo Vacuum lifters available in stock in Maryland  U.S.A.

Grabo Vacuum lifters available in stock in Maryland U.S.A.

The management of Tend Industrial Supplies LLC has announced that the Grabo innovative vacuum lifters are physically available in the State of Maryland if you are around the Mid-Atlantic region in the northeast of the United States. Buy Grabo products from Grabo Online Shop and get delivery the very next day.

Grabo Vacuum lifters will help you lift Concrete, tile, rough, metal, and ribbed surfaces – GRABO suction lifters will help you carry and move it all.

Lets discuss the models, they are 

Nemo Grabo

Grabo pro-Lifter 

erguo attachment

The Grabo Vacuum Lifters

The Nemo GRABO can grab all manner of materials.

The Nemo GRABO is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way we carry heavy items. Nemo GRABO can lift up-to 375Lbs!

These are the materials the Nemo GRABO can work with:

  • Glass. The GRABO is perfect for a glazier.
  • Laminated cardboard.
  • Plastics of all types.
  • Wood, both rough and smooth.
  • Metals. The GRABO sees no challenge in picking up metal with a diamond plate or other uneven-patterned surfaces.
  • Tiles, smooth and patterned/uneven surfaces.
  • GRABO works great with Concrete, paving stones, granite, and other less porous stones.
  • Dry Wall

GRABO PRO-LIFTER 20-The electric suction cup

The GRABO Pro tools have an innovative digital pressure sensor, digital display, and intelligent settings for both weight and pressure.

GRABO Pro is equipped with a robust vacuum pump. The foam rubber vacuum seal on the GRABO Pro tool is solid and resistant to loss of vacuum pressure. Once the pressure pump is activated, it creates a strong suction and firmly attaches to any non-porous flat surface. The suction is strong enough to hold firm even loads as heavy as 375 lbs. To lift any slab of flat solid material, turn on the unit and place it straight on the surface. The GRABO Pro automatically monitors the vacuum, and if vacuum pressure is lost, the pump is automatically powered up until the vacuum pressure is restored.

The GRABO Pro-Lifter is designed for professionals. Unlike the other gigantic solutions, the tool is portable and handy. Living up to the promise of “Heavy Lifting – Made Easy,” the GRABO Pro is equally effective on smooth and coarse surfaces. The Pro-Lifter has a best-in-class pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute. So, say goodbye to unreliable and often dangerous manual suction cups for the job. With GRABO Pro, you double your work efficiency with enhanced safety.

Like the Classic version, the powerful vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle. The tool is ergonomically designed to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects. The device is an effective vacuum lifter, even for dusty, semi-porous, or rough surfaces. The tool works perfectly with glass, wood, ceramic tiles, metals, and other materials.

The handle is also equipped with a digital display showing the maximum weight the GRABO Pro can safely lift at that moment. The weight is displayed in both pounds and kg.

The Pro-Lifter is equipped with an innovative digital pressure sensor. This makes it even more effective on different surfaces. With a simple button press, the lifting function is automatically activated and regulated. The sensor automatically provides the optimum suction level, keeping objects in complete control, whether the thing is being lifted or even during movement.

The digital display on the grab handle shows the pressure applied in both bars and psi. With the pressure sensors, you don’t have to worry about turning the vacuum pump on or off. The automatic sensor is advantageous when lifting and moving coarse materials. The sensors digitally detect and maintain the required pressure while transferring the lifted object. This provides for precision handling and installation without too much of a hassle. In any case, the sensor automatically stops the pump on reaching a maximum vacuum capacity of 11.6 PSI.

However, if you want to lift and move objects with lighter mass, the vacuum pump can be turned off. You simply push the red vacuum release button when you want to remove the tool from the object.

The tool operates on 14.8 volts 2600 mAh Li-ion removable battery. The battery takes two hours for a full charge. On a full charge, this powerful battery can last for 900 cycles or 1.5 hours on non-stop running. The battery lasts for a whopping 30 days in standby mode.

Like the Classic model, GRABO PRO is also equipped with four lifting lugs on both sides of the grab handle. These lugs become handy if the tool is used with additional grips or straps for support.

Professionals around the world have rigorously tested the GRABO Pro. Given its compact design and competitive performance, the Pro Lifter is rapidly becoming a tool of choice, especially in the worldwide construction industry.

Erguo S1 Attachment

One of the objectives for making a portable heavy-lifting tool was to reduce work-related fatigue or injuries. Working long days in a bent-down position to lift materials may impact your back. We have developed the Erguo S1 portable lifting attachment to avoid this scenario.

The ergonomically designed attachment allows the worker to operate the GRABO tool without bending. The attachment easily fits into the four lifting lugs next to the grab handles of the tool. Activate the GRABO tool to lift your material, lift and position the material, and release the device from the material, and all this is done in one swift motion without bending down. The actuator on the handlebar helps in controlling the functions. The Erguo S1 attachment is compatible with all models, except the Grabo H, as that is designed for more straightforward and shorter duration usage.

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9th Dec 2022 Tend Technical support

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