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Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah Dual Purpose Battery Without Charger

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Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah Dual Purpose Battery

Overview Experience top-tier performance with the Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah Dual Purpose Battery. Engineered for versatility and high efficiency, this battery is designed to support everything from daily chores to intense outdoor adventures. It combines the robustness needed for starting engines with the endurance required for deep cycle applications.

Product Features

  • High Performance: With 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) and a high continuous discharge rate, the DL+ is ideal for high amp draw requirements such as starting engines, powering car audio systems, and operating heavy machinery.
  • Deep Cycle Capabilities: Known for its deep cycle applications, it provides sustained power output for devices like trolling motors, RVs, and solar setups, ensuring reliability even in demanding situations.
  • Advanced Battery Technology: Utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, the DL+ offers double the power and half the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries. Enjoy faster charging times, a longer lifespan, and consistent power delivery.
  • Extreme Temperature Performance: Operates optimally even under extreme weather conditions, maintaining performance down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Built-in Safety Features: Comes equipped with a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) that safeguards against overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting, enhancing both safety and longevity.
  • Lightweight and Durable: At just 16.5 lbs, it's significantly lighter than traditional batteries, yet robust enough to handle the rigors of regular use in varied environments.


  • Storage Capacity: 60 Ampere hours (Ah)
  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Engine Starting Power: Equivalent to 1,000 CCA
  • Size: 9.5”x 6.9”x 7.44” - Fits group 24 battery applications
  • Energy: 720 Watt-hours (Wh)
  • Terminals: M8 bolts with automotive & marine posts adapter kit included
  • Lifecycles: Capable of up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles
  • Warranty: 11-year manufacturer's warranty

Included in Your Purchase

  • Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah battery

Customer Reviews

The DL+ 12V 60Ah battery has received positive feedback for its robust performance and versatility. Customers appreciate its light weight and the power it delivers for various applications, noting significant improvements over traditional batteries. Users have successfully utilized it in marine applications, RV setups, and for heavy-duty equipment without any performance issues.

Why Choose Dakota Lithium?

Choosing Dakota Lithium means investing in a battery that offers longevity, efficiency, and versatility. It's not just about powering your equipment; it's about enhancing your experience, whether you're on land, at sea, or somewhere in between. With Dakota Lithium, you're ready for anything.

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Q1: What makes the DL+ 12V 60Ah battery suitable for both starting engines and deep cycle applications? Its 1,000 CCA and high discharge rate provide the necessary power for starting engines, while its deep cycle capabilities ensure long-term power delivery for continuous use applications.

Q2: How does the built-in BMS enhance battery safety? The BMS monitors cell balance and protects against potential dangers like overcharging or short circuits, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Q3: Can the Dakota Lithium battery be used in cold environments? Absolutely, it's designed to perform down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for users in cold climates.

Q4: What is included with the purchase of this battery? The battery comes with a 12V 10A LiFePO4 charger and a terminal adapter kit to ensure compatibility with various setups.

Q5: What warranty does the Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah battery carry? It comes with an 11-year manufacturer warranty, underscoring the brand's confidence in its product's longevity and performance.

Key Takeaway

The Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 60Ah Dual Purpose Battery stands out for its dual functionality, advanced technology, and robust safety features, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their power solutions across a variety of applications.

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Warranty Information

11 Years Warranty
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