Flexstar 645W Foldable Dimmable LED Grow Light.

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  • Flexstar 645W Foldable Dimmable LED Grow Light.
  • Flexstar 645W Foldable Dimmable LED Grow Light.


Illuminate Your Indoor Garden with Flexstar 645W LED Grow Light – Precision Engineered for Peak Performance.

Elevate your indoor gardening with the Flexstar 645W Foldable Dimmable LED Grow Light, designed to bring the power of the sun right into your home. Whether you're a novice in hydroponics or an expert in indoor plant cultivation, this state-of-the-art grow light provides unmatched full-spectrum lighting, ensuring robust plant growth and flourishing harvests. The Flexstar 645W Pro LED Grow Light is a powerhouse of innovation, designed to elevate your indoor cultivation experience. This cutting-edge fixture harnesses the power of a full-spectrum illumination system, ensuring unparalleled light distribution across all growth phases.

Key Features

Optimal Full-Spectrum Lighting
Experience the benefits of natural sunlight indoors. The Flexstar 645W offers a perfect blend of all light wavelengths needed for vigorous plant growth throughout all stages—from germination to flowering.

Flexstar 645W Full Spectrum grow light

High-Efficiency Lighting
With top-tier diodes and advanced spectral output, this light achieves superior photosynthetic performance while saving on energy costs, making it powerful and economical.

Flexstar 645W pro grow light high efficiency

Exceptional Heat Dissipation
Built with an innovative cooling system, the Flexstar 645W maintains optimal operational temperatures to maximize diode efficacy and lifespan, safeguarding your investment.

Uniform Light Distribution
Featuring PPFD and light Uniformity technology, this grow light ensures that each plant receives even light coverage, resulting in uniformly lush growth across your entire garden.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 47.6" x 47.6" x 4.1"
  • Weight: 36.4 lbs (Net Weight: 28 lbs)
  • Input Voltage Options: 120V / 208V / 240V / 277V
  • Input Current: 5.42A / 3.13A / 2.71A / 2.35A
  • Lifespan: L90: > 54,000 hours
  • IP Rating: IP66 - High resistance to water and humidity

Advanced User Control

With our global control feature, you can manage up to 160 Flexstar lights simultaneously. This capability allows large-scale operations to effortlessly maintain uniform conditions, ensuring all plants receive the precise care they require.

Why Choose Flexstar 645W from Tend Supplies?

Adaptive Design:
The Flexstar 645W's foldable feature makes installation a breeze and simplifies storage, providing flexibility and convenience that other lights can’t match.

Energy Efficient:
Dimmable functionality allows for energy consumption control, making it easy to adjust the light intensity based on the plant growth phase or the cultivated type.

The Flexstar 645W Pro LED Grow Light is Perfect For:

  • Serious Hobbyists: Elevate your home gardening game and nurture thriving yields.
  • Indoor Herb Gardens: Cultivate fresh herbs year-round, right on your countertop.
  • Hydroponic Growers: Provide your hydroponic setup with the optimal light spectrum for maximum growth potential.
  • Commercial Growers: Scale up your operations with powerful, efficient lighting solutions.

Invest in Your Indoor Oasis

The Flexstar 645W Pro LED Grow Light is not just a lamp, it's an investment in the future of your indoor garden. Experience the difference that superior lighting can make, and watch your plants flourish like never before.

Order yours today at Tend Industrial Supplies!

Ready to Transform Your Indoor Gardening?

Discover the full potential of your green space with the Flexstar 645W LED Grow Light. Visit Tend Supplies today to secure your light and cultivate your dream garden. Need more information or have specific requirements? Contact us at and let our experts help you make the perfect choice for your indoor gardening needs. Embrace the future of indoor gardening with Tend Supplies, where innovation meets sustainability. Start growing smarter, not harder, with Flexstar.

Order now and see why thousands trust Flexstar for their indoor garden lighting solutions!

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Warranty Information

12 Months
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Mark Templay - 06/11/23

Flexstar is 5 star

Honestly, I will never use another brand again! 5 pound per light , does anyone wanna put the flex star to a test see if it performs to that level at flex star ? I did and it worked

Mark Templay - 06/11/23

Bohman Greg- Indoor Farmer - 10/15/23

Natural Light 

This product that the lights provide a good spectrum of light mimicking natural sunlight, suitable for all plant stages. I i am exceited i got this

Bohman Greg- Indoor Farmer - 10/15/23

Patrick Instagram Follower- 02/11/24

Only the best!

This product is Foldable and Dimmable. Oh my that the lights provide a good spectrum of light mimicking natural sunlight, suitable for all plant stages.

Patrick Instagram Follower- 02/11/24