Torcstark hydraulic

Three-stage Pneumatic torque pump Torcstark QMP304 Used for hydraulic torque wrench

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Our three-stage Pneumatic torque pump Torcstark QMP304 Used for hydraulic torque wrench is powered by air, is available and in stock within a short notice (Usually 15 days) to our global customers. Tend Industrial supplies have huge stock of these products and will apply to quote any customer within 24 hours

Main Features of three-stage pneumatic torque pump

This torque pump uses compressed air as the power source, applicable to coal mine etc, with advantages of anti-explosion, safety, no heat and long time working. it has a high performance pneumatic reversing valve, safe and reliable, stable performance. fully fitted with a Al-Ti alloy pump body, light weight, easy to carry. This pump can drive tw hydraulic wrenches simultaneously or 4 if requested.

Specification of this torque pump

  • 4-70MPa adjustable pressure.
  • Use 4-8 bar air pressure.
  • It can be customized as requested.
  • The pressure can be released after pressing the button when the pump stops working.
  • Steel frame can protect the pump body and makes it easy to carry.
  • Aluminium explosion-proof handle, solid and reliable.

Dimension Drawing of the pump

Selection Table

Model Gas source Pressure(MPa) Flow(L/min) Oil tank (L) Dimension (mm) Weight (KG)
Pressure (bar) Rated power (kw) Air consumption (m3/h) High Medium Low High Medium Low
QMP304 4-8 1.3 134 70 32 6 0.8 1.6 8 7.6 428*281*448 21

Warranty: One year

Packing: Wooden box

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