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VEVOR PCP Air Compressor 12V DC, 4500 Psi

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VEVOR PCP Air Compressor 12V DC, 4500 Psi

The PCP electric pump is a small, lightweight compressor that may be used with PCP air rifles, handguns, and paintball tanks.

The vevor PCP electric pump is a compact electric pump powered by a 12v car battery with 110v/220v and has an in-built transformer that helps regulate the voltage. With a maximum pressure of 4500  psi, this compressor also comes with an LED temperature screen, a pressure gauge and a good cooling fan system

Very simple to use and is suitable for PCP air rifles, air pistols, paintball guns, and HPA tanks. It can efficiently filter oil and water in the air and output clean and dry high-pressure air.

Specification VEVOR PCP Air Compressor 12V DC, 4500 Psi

Voltage: 110V 220V AC/12V DC
Power: 300W
Working Pressure: 30MPa/300Bar/4500Psi
Shut Down: Manually
Cooling Way: Built-in Fan
Lubricating Oil: Oil-free
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