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VEVOR Portable PCP Air Compressor 24V DC, 4000 Psi

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VEVOR Portable PCP Air Compressor 24V DC, 4000 Psi

This vevor portable PCP air compressor has an adjustable pressure gauge and a visible temperature. It also has an auto-stop option. When the pressure is set, the machine will turn off on its own. An LED temperature indicator, meanwhile, makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the compressor. 350W of power, a maximum pressure of 4000 psi, and a rate of inflation of 2700 rpm.
Home or Car Battery: The portable PCP compressor may be powered directly by a 110V/220V outlet at home or a 24V car battery while it is outside. Your PCP air pistol or paintball tank may be filled almost anywhere. The maximum inflation tank has a 0.4 gal/1.5 l capacity. From 0 to 300 Bar, a 0.5 L tank will require 18 minutes, and from 200 to 300 Bar, 5 minutes.

Built in adapter and operational friendly


Max. Pressure: 4000Psi/27.6Mpa/275.8Bar
Voltage: 24V DC or 110V/220V AC
Stop Mode: Auto-stop
Cooling Way: Built-in Fan
Inflating Rate: 2700 R/min
Oil/Water Separator: Built-in
Water or Oil: No need
Adapter: Built-in
Max. Tank: 0.4 Gal/1.5 L
Filling Time(0-300Bar): 18 min
Filling Time(2000-300Bar): 5 min
Quick Connector: 0.3 in/8 mm
Nozzle Material: Copper
Max. Temp.: 158 ℉/70 ℃
Rated Power: 350 W
Max. Noise: 75 dB
Size: 12 x 8.86 x 5.9 in/30.5 x 22.5 x 15 cm
Product Weight: 7.3 kg/16 lb
Car Power Line: 4.9 ft/1.5 m
Hosing Material: Metal
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