Experts recommendation on ​What air tools a mechanic need in 2022

Experts recommendation on ​What air tools a mechanic need in 2022

Before a mechanic decides on either using electric tools or air tools, the choice of which tool is the primary assignment that sustains the business over time because the choice of tools depends on if the mechanic will also include going out to the field to work or expect to do 100% of the job in the workshop, I think there must be a good mix of electric power tools and air tools. This article explores the air tools every mechanic must need to quicken their decision-making.We have taken time to extract among our long time customers to understand what they really need in their workshop in terms of air tools for their work.

Quick Comparison between Air tools and electric/cordless power tools

Let's quickly compare air tools and cordless/electric tools. Pneumatic tools, or Air tools as they are popularly called, are still one of the best tools to equip a home or professional workshop. Research has shown features that make a pneumatic power tool superior and others that make their electric counterparts better—areas of application, for example, and costs. If I need to do a tire change on the road or fix a thing where air from an air compressor is not ready, then a cordless wrench will be very valuable. There are other situations at the worksite when there is a need for a power tool to deliver sufficient force or torque; for example, a large bolt that needs a certain amount of torque to machine-tighten air tools come in here to get such power. Air tools are notorious for strength; you feed it with less power from the air compressor, you get what you want, and the job is done. Mechanics need pneumatic tools; the question now is what selection of mechanic tools are almost always required.

Another look we must consider when choosing a power tool is the price, every business that creates value must look at the details, especially in the capital costs of tools and the lifetime value of the device, in terms of costs. Air tools are ubiquitous for a relatively higher acquisition cost; this is what economists call upfront costs, but in the long run, it's usually cheaper than power tools with low initial acquisition costs and a relatively lower lifespan than their pneumatic counterparts. To have an air tool work in your workshop, you also need to have a compressor which is not cheap, but a cordless power tool comes all alone. It does not have an attachement apart from the essential availability of electric power to put it to charge.

The weight and feel of power tools might not seem like a big deal, but when you have to handle tools all day in the workshop, you will understand the difficulty of having a heavy and uncomfortable tool. Air tools do not have much inside; hence come in as lightweight and have a good grip. Fatigue negatively influences our work; hence, a cordless tool always comes with a battery attachment, which brings additional suffering for the user and is a crucial disadvantage. Finally, ease of movement might be distorted with the air tool because it must always be working with compressed air coming into the tool from the compressor tanks through the hose to the device; moving around must be within the limits of the air hose. that limitation is not found in the cordless tool

Let us quickly look at the essential air tools that a mechanic must have in the workshop especially if you are in the United States of America. We actually recommend Shinano Pneumatic air tools of Japan as it is one of the best tools people mostly don't talk about, Shinano is one of the oldest manufacturers of air tools in the world, their facility has operated since 1970s and modified to continue working until today. The brand is top in quality and almost 50 years of operational life with non-stop quality improvements

The average mechanic must have

  1. One inch extended anvil impact wrench
  2. 1/2inch reversible air drill
  3. right angle drill
  4. air die grinder
  5. orbital sander
8th Jul 2022 Tend technical support

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