Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1

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  • Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1
  • Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1
  • Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1


Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1

Tend Industrial Supplies are suppliers of GRABO Lifting Equipment. One of the objectives for making a portable heavy lifting tool was to reduce work related fatigue or injuries. Working long days in a bent down position to lift materials may have an impact on your back. To avoid this scenario, we have developed the Erguo S1 portable lifting attachment.

The ergonomically designed attachment allows the worker to operate the GRABO tool without bending. The attachment easily fits into the 4 lifting lugs next to the grab handles of the tool. Simply activate the GRABO tool to lift your material, lift and position the material, and release the tool from the material, all this is done in one swift motion without bending down. The actuator on the handle bar helps in controlling the functions. The Erguo S1 attachment is compatible with all models, except the Grabo H as that is designed for simpler and shorter duration usage.

Specifications: Grabo Erguo S1 Attachment Model ERG-S1

L x W x H 24.5 x 8 x 4.5” (620 x 200 x 113 mm)
Weight 2 Lbs (~0.75 kg)
Material 10.1 Kg (22 lbs)
Color Black Anodize
Max. Lifting Weight 265 Lbs
Features Remote ON-OFF Lever


Erguo S1 GRABO Attachment is a portable lifting attachment for ALL GRABO products (Except for GRABO H). Simply attach the Erguo to your GRABO on the four lifting lugs located on the GRABO and a secure connection has been made - The Erguo was designed to avoid putting strain on your back when bending over. (Work smarter not harder) The Erguo comes with the following - Main

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Warranty Information

1 yr Standard warranty
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